Saturday, December 6, 2008

Shame on you Mr. Manmohan Singh....

Here is a comment from Condoleezza Rice:

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has told Pakistan that there is "irrefutable evidence" of involvement of elements in this country in the Mumbai terror attacks and it had no option but to act urgently "otherwise, the US will act."

Dispute with Pakistan is of India's own. Should Indian government wait for USA to protect it inspite of having one of the biggest and powerful army in the world? Shame on you the respected prime minister of Manmohan Singh. I expected such a statement to come from Indian government as soon as India had enough proof to implicate "Elements within Pakistan" for the attack on Mumbai on 26/11. Why should Indian government present the proof to US government and wait for them to act on behalf of us? Isn't that shameful?

I am not supporting war with Pakistan as it is bad for the people of India as well as Pakistan. The terroists activity in Mumbai has nothing to do with the people of Pakistan. It is some groups freely operating within Pakistan is responsible for it. Punishing the whole country for the act of few people is not a wise idea. But India should have acted against the group immediately. Do what US did in Afghanistan. Ask the government to hand over the people responsible. If they don't, get in and take them out yourself. Don't wait for some other country to do that for you.

Shame.. Shame.. Shame...

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