Monday, September 29, 2008

I can do everything in C or in Java..

Here is the philosophy that should be used by programmers

As a programmer you should spend your time expressing your ideas, not jumping through hoops to accommodate a language. If you spend the majority of your time doing the latter, the language you're working in probably isn't very good.

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No shadow building

Le Project Triangle is one of those buildings that make us think that we may actually drive flying cars one day. To be completed by 2014 in the Porte de Versailles area in Paris, its most impressive feature is that, according to the architects, it won't cast shadows on adjacent buildings. The trick is the orientation and it's shape: While it looks like a massive pyramid from one side, the other side shows that it really is an ultra-thin triangle resembling a shark's fin

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Friday, September 26, 2008

Threads are at last in C++ standard

It's been decades since I am doing thread programming in C++. It was so painful to use POSIX thread APIs. It is like writing a same novel many times. Not anymore... C++0x standard is out there now. Yahoooooo.. Thread is included in the standard now. Read more about it here

Illustration of Boost shared_ptr

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